Q: Can you do logo's in color on tumblers?

A: As of right now we cannot.  Currently we are only able to etch the top coating,    exposing the material underneath.  We are making plans for purchasing additional equipment that will allow us to print in full color.

Q:Can you put a team logo on an item?

A:  We can put your team logo on an item as long as it is not trademarked.  We can put etch the trademarked logo if you are the holder of the trademark, or have permission to use it.

Q: Are the designs that are lasered on permanent?

A: Yes, the designs are permanent, unlike vinyl that will come off.

Q: What kind of things can you put on a cutting board?

A:  We can things like custom logos, team logos, monograms, names wedding dates, etc.  Nearly anything can be etched on the cutting boards.

Q: If I already have an item, can you engrave it?

A:Yes, we will engrave on your item. With the understanding that we can not guarantee the outcome.  If we provide the item, we guarantee the etching.