Sassafras wood is classified as a domestic hardwood lumber that is located throughout the eastern United States.

The sapwood is light yellow and narrow; the heartwood is orange to dark brown, occasionally with orange swirls about ¼ to ½ inch in diameter. The wood is ring porous, making the growth rings very distinct. The early pores are easily seen with the naked eye. The wood, when freshly cut, has the distinctive odor of Sassafras. The wood tends to darken with exposure to light.

Sassafras has excellent machining characteristics and is a favorite for home woodworking projects.

 Our Sassafras is Air Dried to 10% or less.

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 PLEASE NOTE AS WITH NATURALLY MILLED WOOD-CHECKS,CRACKS, SPALTING,AND SPLITS MAY OR MAY BE NOT PRESENT AT THIS TIME . THIS ADDS TO THE BEAUTY AND CHARACTER OF SLABS.....Slabs are being sold as raw material , in the bark and sap wood insects may be present , it is left to the costumers once wood is being worked down to clean out any insects. Please understand that not all boards are the same, and will differ. They wont always be straight and may have some curves. Each piece is unique! They will not look exactly the same as the picture. Some may have bark, knots, a different shade or color of the listed species, in holes, or cracks (not large ones) because this is how nature made them! We will not accept returns on these because of any of the features listed above the wood may have.

As the wood continues to dry so will the bark, making it more brittle and more likely to fall off. We cannot guarantee that the bark will stay on during the shipping process. If you require the bark to be on the wood, contact us about applying a finish to help preserve the bark.
We wrap each shipment with industrial grade wrap, during the shipping process it is common for the piece to acquire moisture. This will be surface wetness only, simply let the board air dry overnight laying flat with weight applied.

Sassafras Slabs

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